Oil Landscape Painting Demonstration

In this short oil landscape painting demonstration, I hope to highlight a general procedure that I use in all my work whether it’s highly detailed or more painterly.

oil landscape painting demonstration by William HagermanThe first step is to sketch my scene onto canvas using thinned down ultramarine blue and a small brush. The ultramarine blue color is easy to wipe off and over paint without it showing through. My first marks of color is generally going to be my darkest mass area. In this case the large tree.



oil painting landscape demonstrationGenerally I will paint the areas directly adjacent to the big tree to compare my values, but I departed from this by going to the next largest mass putting in the water. Notice how the color becomes lighter in the back and darker towards the front. The lighter blue color in the back has some Phthalo Blue and white with increasing Ultramrine towards the front and with the addition of Permanent Rose for more of a deep violet cast.

Oil painting landscape demo by William HagermanNow colors of the land are put in. Again notice how the color intensity diminishes off into the distance to create depth. This is called atmospheric perspective.

Now the colors can be compared to the darks in the larger tree.



oil painting landscape demonstration by William HagermanNow the sky is started. In this case the color was first applied nearest the horizon with a pinkish cast. The sky color Phthalo blue and Ultraoil landscape painting demo block in stage by William Hagermanmarine. More Ultramarine at top and more Phthalo blue and white. Over all value is also lighter than the water, as water has a tendency to reflect the sky darker and it’s influenced by the depth of the water and what lies underneath.


With the sky completed, it’s time to let the painting dry. Once dry details and refinements are added to all areas.




landscape oil painting blue lake by William Byron Hagerman It becomes a matter of personal decision on how much or how little detail you desire, whether you want it more impressionistic or more detailed. Under my Byron Signature I opt somewhere in between, depending on my mood.

To learn more about painting, contact me regarding my Zoom art classes. This allows you to take a class wherever you are!

Here’s a brief video with a bit of up close views.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my brief oil landscape painting demonstration. All my best.


PS. This painting as of 6/25/2021 is available via my eBay auction. Direct link to auction page. Be sure to first sign into your eBay account to bid!

Hagerman Oil Painting Video

Hello there!

Well, I thought I’d share a short oil painting video that I created. Originally it was for Instagram, (@hagermanart) so it’s less than a minute. It shows the general order in which I work, whether it’s under my Byron Signature or William Hagerman Signature works.

Hope you enjoy it. This little painting is also up for auction on eBay ending Saturday June 26, 2021. Direct Link to auction.

Hagerman Oil Painting Video

Anniversary Gift Ideas and Special Occasions

Sometimes we need a little help with anniversary gift ideas and special occasions. True, there are certain traditions for some anniversary gifts, but where’s the surprise in that? As you walk through life, you will encounter milestones that you wish to remember. And for some of those times a keepsake, memento or special gift goes hand in hand to express love, thankfulness and appreciation. Perhaps all at the same time. Here are some examples that include my artwork!

Anniversary Gift Ideas and Special Occasions: Flowers (painted ones)

Figuring out what type of gift to give, can sometimes be a challenge. Flowers of course are popular, but sadly they don’t last very long. What about a painting of flowers? Those can last a lifetime and beyond! And they never wilt.

This topic of Anniversary gift ideas and special occasion came about  since this month included an anniversary for me! As a gift for my wife, I  painted some roses that were blooming from a couple of bushes in large planters that she recently purchased. Here’s the painting titled Rita’s Roses. 7″x5″

Still life oil painting roses, rose painting by William Byron Hagerman

So, do you have an anniversary or special occasion in which you need some flowers? How about some preserved in a painting!  You can commission me to paint a little gem of a painting! Then, perhaps add to the gift with a bouquet of the same flowers along with the painting!! Now there’s a nice presentation!

Sorry, I don’t provide the real flowers. You’ll need a florist for that. 🙂



Recently some dear friends of ours celebrated their 45th anniversary.

When someone has reached that milestone you can pretty much guarantee that bunches of family photos have been collected. Those memories captured in an old photo can’t help but make you feel a little nostalgic. How about capturing that nostalgia in some artwork?

Art Capturing Nostalgic Moments

The couple mentioned above with the 45th anniversary commissioned a couple of 9×12 pencil drawings from old photographs. Not always the easiest to work from, but it was still fun to do.

For the wife was a picture of her Dad back in the day at work next to his Texaco gasoline delivery truck!

pencil drawing of old Texaco delivery truck by William Hagerman artist

This certainly isn’t a landscape, so it was a departure in subject matter, but also medium. It’s been quite some time since having worked with graphite pencil.

For the husband, he wanted a picture of his wife from her childhood days. After seeing the drawing his wife commented that it captured the carefree relaxed feeling she had.

pencil drawing of a little girl standing by artist William Hagerman a commissioned artwork for a wedding anniversary gift So do you have a favorite old photo, or not so old one that you would like to have turned into a piece of artwork?

Then contact me and we can talk!

Yes, I’m known for my landscape paintings, but I can do other other types of subject matter and drop my brush and pick up a pencil. Here’s a little more on commissioned art work.

Doing pencil work reminded me of my high school days.

Here’s a nostalgic flash back in this 2016 post.

Pets and Colorful Critters

Speaking of doing other subject matter. What do you think about this guy? Colorful isn’t he!?

colorful rooster oil painting by William Byron Hagerman artist

This was another commissioned artwork from my sister-in-law. It was one of her roosters. She texted me several photos for reference and this was the result. Her text messaged response: “Omygoodness! That’s awesome!! Thank you!!!”

Sometimes, we want to capture a moment in time while we still can. This rooster I believe has been around for a long time. Don’t know how long they live, so this painting was about capturing a memory, before it actually becomes one! The painting size is 8″x10″.

So if you’re looking for an anniversary gift or special occasion why not try giving a lasting gift of artwork? Even if it’s just for yourself. That’s OK too.  Contact me today before you’re next anniversary or special day for a custom painting or drawing! Would love to collaborate with you.


Art Gifts and Prints

More new art products!

Art Gifts and Prints

Do you wish to find a gift featuring great looking landscape art? I have a new category of products on my Shop Page that features art gifts and prints fulfilled by Fine Art America featuring my Byron Signature Work.

There’s a good selection to choose from with more art to come. Here are just a few of the items on which my art can be printed on, including phone cases, coffee mugs, framed prints, stationary, greeting cards and even throw pillows with my art!

It’s a great way to have art on more than just your walls. Check out all the selections!  Also will soon be adding to the selection some of my photography!

art gifts and prints by artist William Byron Hagerman featuring landscape oil paintings

Qualified Original Paintings

I’m happy to share a new product category that I call Qualified Original Paintings! So what is that? It begins as a giclee on canvas reproduction of one of my Byron Signature paintings that has been extensively enhanced (by myself) with oil paint. This is more than just a few highlights here and there. Almost every inch of the print is enhanced and whole sections repainted adding details, modifying colors or even changing a fall scene into spring!

The beauty of this new offering is the ability to customize it in various ways. You might liken the reproduction as a template that can be fully customized. Since no two are embellished in the same way, each are original!  For example: You see one of my Byron pieces that you like, but wished it had more colors to match your decor, or you want some Indian Paint brush flowers added to a bluebonnet scene. No problem!

After the embellishments and enhancements are made, I carefully go over the entire canvas with a texture varnish. The result is a reproduction that has all the look and feel of a full oil painting. Actually, by the time it’s done, it’s more painting than print! For now the offering is in one size of 16×20. The price? Only $635.00.  Remember, it’s more than just a print and a way to obtain my artwork (that I actually have worked on) in a size and price range that is affordable compared to a full commissioned oil painting.

Qualified Original Painting Preview!

Here are my first enhanced Qualified Original Paintings ready to go! More images will be on the way to choose from. Plus, I have a whole new shopping section for my website with gifts and more! Please check it out! 

bluebonnet landscape oil painting enhanced giclee by artist William Byron Hagerman

Vintage Texas 16×20 Qualified Original

autumn landscape oil painting enhanced giclee by artist William Byron Hagerman

The Moods of Autumn 16×20 Qualified Original








What’s also pretty cool is the option to view these Qualified Originals on your own wall using augmented reality through the use of a free app for your phone or device! It’s also available for my William Hagerman Signature Reproductions and my Original Paintings.

So, if you’re not sure how a particular piece will look on your wall, well, wonder no more. Try it out, it’s actually fun to do!  Click on the gray button that says Visualize On Your Wall. It will give you instructions on what to do. If you have any questions, just contact me. 🙂

Negative Shape Painting Video From Zoom Art Class Session

Although, I have written about this subject before, I wanted to now share a video clip from a recent Zoom Art Class Session on negative shape painting.

This is really a valuable skill that anyone wishing to paint or who wishes to improve their drawing skills needs to practice. To learn this skill and more, please contact me to join one of my Zoom art sessions. We meet twice each month. The Fee is $80 for the two, two hour classes.


Painting vs Photos

Painting vs Photos

In this post, I’d like to share the difference between photographic resources and painting from such. As an artist the photo can be an invaluable resource in recording information. However, it never sees what your own eye sees and to paint exactly what is seen in a photo can diminish the impact of what could otherwise be a wonderful painting. The light and dark values and colors in a photo are not true. The following will illustrate.

Autumn is a wonderful time for gathering photo material. I just wished it lasted longer. However, in the photos below you will see my own photos of 3 scenes that became paintings.

Photos provide the necessary information, but you have to learn to use your artistic eyes to make it into a painting.

This scene had potential. The country road and the trees were pleasing, but it lacked enough color.

Autumn Country Road photograph by William Hagerman






Here’s the painting based on the photo above. It’s called Return of Autumn, an 18×24 $3500.00 under by William Hagerman Signature work. (it’s for sale via eBay.)

Return of Autumn 18x24 original realistic landscape painting autumn trees and road by William Hagerman

Return of Autumn 18×24 oil by William Hagerman $3500 copyright 2020

So what do you think in this Painting vs Photo?  A painting allows for artistic expression and provide more color than any photo.

Autumn landscape photo by William HagermanIn this example I was drawn to the color of the tree and the effect of light and shadow.

However, the scene needed to be tweaked. Just because something is in a photo, doesn’t mean you have to include it. Think about your composition. So what do you think in the painting vs photo?


Impressionist Autumn oil painting by William "Byron" Hagerman

Autumn Light and Shadow 8×10 Byron Signature oil painting copyright 2020








Autumn landscape photo by William HagermanAnd finally another recent photograph. I liked the cluster of trees and the slight slope of the land on the right. Again, there’s potential, but it needed more.

In the painting below the coloration in the trees were enhanced and more vegetation in the grasses were added for interest.

So, what do you like best; photo or painting? Hopefully this comparison will help you realize that photos are only good for reference, not to copy verbatim. Choose the best parts of your photos and make it your own. Hope you liked this little Painting vs Photos usage tip.

impressionist autumn landscape oil painting by Byron

By the way these paintings are currently on eBay as either an auction or fixed price. You can access all via my user profile.

Thank you and take care!

Zoom Art Classes

Just wanted to share a brief announcement regarding Zoom Art Classes.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, in person art classes pose too much a risk and I care about my art student’s health and well being. With that in mind I’ve started offering online Zoom Art Classes using the popular Zoom conference app.

The art class sessions are kept small and are only 2 hours in length. They consist of live demonstration, screen sharing of content and the occasional color chart (cheat sheet) and other emailed documents, depending on the particular lesson.

It also affords critiques of your work and areas where you can improve. Group and private sessions are available. If interested, please contact me as times may vary.

You can read more in this newsletter.

Update on Zoom Art Classes with a preview

How would you like to paint a scene that goes from this…

to this?

Learn to oil paint landscape Zoom Art Class

If so, then I encourage you to join my Zoom Art Class. The above painting was developed over 4 separate Zoom sessions. Each class includes a detailed image that is emailed to you for that session along with a “cheat sheet” of color mixes used via a painted and labeled chart that is also photographed and sent to you. The class also includes live demo and instruction on technique. Two sessions are held each month. Each 2 hour session is $40.  Contact me today for info and how you too can join us and learn to paint from the safety of your home!

Landscape Oil Painting of Bluebonnets at Sunset

Thought I’d share my latest small 8×10 oil painting up for eBay auction of a landscape oil painting of bluebonnets at sunset. The sky in this piece was inspired by a view out the front window of our car. By way of paint, the sky was easily transported to the Texas Hill Country! Or onto my canvas. 🙂

Texas hill country bluebonnet at sunset oil painting by William Byron HagermanClick the image for a larger view.

The eBay auction will begin Sunday June 21, 2020 at 8 pm Central US Time.

To bid, after logging into your eBay account all items for sale can be accessed from my profile page. 

The bidding begins at $59.00

Happy Bidding!

Landscape oil painting with old barns and donkeys

Introducing my latest new landscape oil painting with old barns and donkeys. This scene had a natural composition except the donkeys or burros were added. They were some my brother-in-law had which I photographed. By way of paint tin on the old barn was repaired some. The actual tin on much of the barn looked as if some huge monster tried to eat it. There’s a point where the nostalgia of an old barn moves past that and becomes too junky looking.

Feeling rather glad to finish this painting after not being to paint for a time due to a fall from a ladder and fracturing several ribs. But, thankfully they’re mostly healed and getting back to the easel is now possible.

The title of this painting is “Lunchtime” and is painted on linen canvas under my William Hagerman Signature. 20×30 in size. $4900 (Click image to view larger)

Lunchtime 20x30 realistic landscape oil painting old barns and donkeys by William Hagerman

Lunchtime 20×30 oil by William Hagerman copyright 2020

It’s available direct. If interested contact me and we can discuss.

Hoping that all of my readers and visitors to my blog have been able to weather the storm of this Cornavirus Pandemic. It’s certainly has effected all of us in one way or the other. Best wishes to you during these difficult times.