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Qualified Original Paintings

I’m happy to share a new product category that I call Qualified Original Paintings! So what is that? It begins as a giclee on canvas reproduction of one of my Byron Signature paintings that has been extensively enhanced (by myself) with oil paint. This is more than just a few highlights here and there. Almost every inch of the print is enhanced and whole sections repainted adding details, modifying colors or even changing a fall scene into spring!

The beauty of this new offering is the ability to customize it in various ways. You might liken the reproduction as a template that can be fully customized. Since no two are embellished in the same way, each are original!  For example: You see one of my Byron pieces that you like, but wished it had more colors to match your decor, or you want some Indian Paint brush flowers added to a bluebonnet scene. No problem!

After the embellishments and enhancements are made, I carefully go over the entire canvas with a texture varnish. The result is a reproduction that has all the look and feel of a full oil painting. Actually, by the time it’s done, it’s more painting than print! For now the offering is in one size of 16×20. The price? Only $635.00.  Remember, it’s more than just a print and a way to obtain my artwork (that I actually have worked on) in a size and price range that is affordable compared to a full commissioned oil painting.

Qualified Original Painting Preview!

Here are my first enhanced Qualified Original Paintings ready to go! More images will be on the way to choose from. Plus, I have a whole new shopping section for my website with gifts and more! Please check it out! 

bluebonnet landscape oil painting enhanced giclee by artist William Byron Hagerman

Vintage Texas 16×20 Qualified Original

autumn landscape oil painting enhanced giclee by artist William Byron Hagerman

The Moods of Autumn 16×20 Qualified Original








What’s also pretty cool is the option to view these Qualified Originals on your own wall using augmented reality through the use of a free app for your phone or device! It’s also available for my William Hagerman Signature Reproductions and my Original Paintings.

So, if you’re not sure how a particular piece will look on your wall, well, wonder no more. Try it out, it’s actually fun to do!  Click on the gray button that says Visualize On Your Wall. It will give you instructions on what to do. If you have any questions, just contact me. 🙂

Zoom Art Classes

Just wanted to share a brief announcement regarding Zoom Art Classes.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, in person art classes pose too much a risk and I care about my art student’s health and well being. With that in mind I’ve started offering online Zoom Art Classes using the popular Zoom conference app.

The art class sessions are kept small and are only 2 hours in length. They consist of live demonstration, screen sharing of content and the occasional color chart (cheat sheet) and other emailed documents, depending on the particular lesson.

It also affords critiques of your work and areas where you can improve. Group and private sessions are available. If interested, please contact me as times may vary.

You can read more in this newsletter.

Update on Zoom Art Classes with a preview

How would you like to paint a scene that goes from this…

to this?

Learn to oil paint landscape Zoom Art Class

If so, then I encourage you to join my Zoom Art Class. The above painting was developed over 4 separate Zoom sessions. Each class includes a detailed image that is emailed to you for that session along with a “cheat sheet” of color mixes used via a painted and labeled chart that is also photographed and sent to you. The class also includes live demo and instruction on technique. Two sessions are held each month. Each 2 hour session is $40.  Contact me today for info and how you too can join us and learn to paint from the safety of your home!

Somerset House Publishing

Hagerman Signs with Somerset House Publishing

Busy, is a word that comes to mind when thinking about how much time has passed since the last blog post and how quickly time flies as the saying goes. But, I have a couple of things to share.

First is some exciting news. A while back I was contacted by the President of Somerset House Publishing who was looking for an artist to fill their need for Texas landscape images. Apparently my work fit the bill, so a contract with Somerset House Publishing was recently signed for the reproduction of several of my best Texas artwork images in open edition. Somerset has been the publishers of works by artists such as: Larry Dyke, G. Harvey, Martin Grelle and many other fine artists. So it’s nice to be included with such a line up.

Four images of previous work are currently available for purchase with more to come.

Please check out my page on their website.

American Plains Artists: Another Big Project

american plains artists website

The American Plains Artists or APA is a Non Profit artists organization that highlights the American Plains region as a source of artistic inspiration and has an annual national juried show. About 16 years ago, I built their first website and in comparing it to todays standards the website looked like it was built 16 years ago! So starting in late October 2017 the first phase of rebuilding the website from the ground up began. I was pleased they wished to keep the backdrop image (although cropped) on the home page which in their eyes depicted the plains nicely. It was a painting of mine titled Red Erosions and was an actual view here in West Texas.

The project certainly was challenging, but it offerend a different aspect to creativity including developing an instructional video and one that highlighted the Plains region and the activities of the APA.

Please take a look at their new website and my “other” creative endeavor including the video found on their education page.

Now it’s time to get back to my own artwork. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!