Commissioned Oil Paintings

Commissioning a painting is a unique opportunity for acquiring an original painting either in William’s realistic style or in his impressionist style with works signed as Byron. This avenue allows the art buyer to participate in the creative process, resulting in not only a painting made just for you, but a memorable and pleasant experience as well as the following testimonials will show.

Featured Testimonial

My husband, Bill, and I had been admirers of William Hagerman's art for years. When we moved to our current home several years ago, we wanted a really special large piece of art and we contacted William Hagerman to see if he could create one for us.

We knew we wanted one of William's awesome landscapes. William and my husband sat down one afternoon and went through a lot of references, taking this tree from one and that tree from another and adding incredible water and rocks and mountains until it was perfect.

William kept us updated with photos of his progress and each time we thought it can't get any better, he would find some change or addition that would make it even more beautiful! We were so delighted when it was finished and we could hang it in our home, where everyone who sees it is so impressed and can't believe how beautiful it is. Our painting captures the mood of the area and is so peaceful you can gaze at it for hours and feel refreshed, like a mini-vacation.

The light shines through the trees onto the rocky stream of water, which looks so cool and inviting. He has such a way with light and shadows and color and contrast! Soon, we decided we needed more art in the same room, but we couldn't find anything to compare with our masterpiece, so, again, we called on William. And sure enough, we got THREE more of smaller sizes that accompany our large one perfectly. They are also unbelievably awesome. Each instills a peaceful mood and makes you feel like you are right there. We could not be more delighted with them all.
To own a piece of William Hagerman's art is truly a blessing.
realistic autumn landscape oil painting by William Hagerman
Bill and Nancy Kirk

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