About the Artist

Hagerman Art has been online since 2001 to showcase the realistic landscape art work of William Hagerman. Today the site also features the impressionist art work of Byron, the artist’s alter ego. Two styles, two signatures, one artist. William “Byron” Hagerman is pleased to assist individuals in acquiring art for their home or business, whether it be in a realistic or impressionistic style.


Artist Bio

William Hagerman became a professional artist at the age of 13, selling one of his first paintings to a neighbor, then to another neighbor, school teachers, a piano teacher and by the age of 15 was showing in an art gallery. Forty plus years later William has never put down the brush and continues to paint beautiful landscape imagery that delights the senses.

In addition to his own personal studies, William has benefited from artists and non artists alike with several artists of distinction providing guidance early on in his artistic development such as: C.L. Curry, Dalhart Windberg, Robert Pummill and Gary Carter among others. William also acknowledges the late Tom Ryan for his critiques as well as Wilson Hurley for providing a bibliography of recommended books to further his study of art.

William also enjoys teaching and sharing his artistic knowledge through art classes and workshops.

He currently resides in Winnsboro, Texas with his wife Rita.

Artist Statement

ART QUOTE: "Art is the culmination of an artist's life experience transferred to canvas with paint and brush to be shared with others."

Often our life seems to be grasped by some unseen force that seizes us and drags us along at unprecedented speeds. Our life’s journey seems to be blurring by. However, patiently, yet with intense focus my artistic hand is slowly applying the brakes one brush stroke at a time. Full stop is achieved when a new painting inspired by creation is born.

As humans we are made up of the elements of the earth, even the pigments I use in my artwork are often of earthy origin. When we experience the scenic outdoors, we feel drawn to it, nurtured by it, and we seek its solace whenever we can. Our senses become engaged. We feel alive, while savoring the slower pace in order to fully experience the beauty around us!

The essence of my art work is to capture a moment in time and place and for the viewer to experience those same emotions and bring added beauty and refreshment into their life.

Got Art?

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