Qualified Original Paintings

I’m happy to share a new product category that I call Qualified Original Paintings! So what is that? It begins as a giclee on canvas reproduction of one of my Byron Signature paintings that has been extensively enhanced (by myself) with oil paint. This is more than just a few highlights here and there. Almost every inch of the print is enhanced and whole sections repainted adding details, modifying colors or even changing a fall scene into spring!

The beauty of this new offering is the ability to customize it in various ways. You might liken the reproduction as a template that can be fully customized. Since no two are embellished in the same way, each are original!  For example: You see one of my Byron pieces that you like, but wished it had more colors to match your decor, or you want some Indian Paint brush flowers added to a bluebonnet scene. No problem!

After the embellishments and enhancements are made, I carefully go over the entire canvas with a texture varnish. The result is a reproduction that has all the look and feel of a full oil painting. Actually, by the time it’s done, it’s more painting than print! For now the offering is in one size of 16×20. The price? Only $635.00.  Remember, it’s more than just a print and a way to obtain my artwork (that I actually have worked on) in a size and price range that is affordable compared to a full commissioned oil painting.

Qualified Original Painting Preview!

Here are my first enhanced Qualified Original Paintings ready to go! More images will be on the way to choose from. Plus, I have a whole new shopping section for my website with gifts and more! Please check it out! 

bluebonnet landscape oil painting enhanced giclee by artist William Byron Hagerman

Vintage Texas 16×20 Qualified Original

autumn landscape oil painting enhanced giclee by artist William Byron Hagerman

The Moods of Autumn 16×20 Qualified Original








What’s also pretty cool is the option to view these Qualified Originals on your own wall using augmented reality through the use of a free app for your phone or device! It’s also available for my William Hagerman Signature Reproductions and my Original Paintings.

So, if you’re not sure how a particular piece will look on your wall, well, wonder no more. Try it out, it’s actually fun to do!  Click on the gray button that says Visualize On Your Wall. It will give you instructions on what to do. If you have any questions, just contact me. 🙂

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