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Landscape Oil Painting of Bluebonnets at Sunset

Thought I’d share my latest small 8×10 oil painting up for eBay auction of a landscape oil painting of bluebonnets at sunset. The sky in this piece was inspired by a view out the front window of our car. By way of paint, the sky was easily transported to the Texas Hill Country! Or onto my canvas. 🙂

Texas hill country bluebonnet at sunset oil painting by William Byron HagermanClick the image for a larger view.

The eBay auction will begin Sunday June 21, 2020 at 8 pm Central US Time.

To bid, after logging into your eBay account all items for sale can be accessed from my profile page. 

The bidding begins at $59.00

Happy Bidding!

2019 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that the year 2020 is now here. So here’s my 2019 year in review.

The biggest change was moving from West Texas to North East Texas and being without a studio for a time. Although I now have a dedicated space it’s still unfinished. Some art stuff is still boxed up. At least the basic necessities to paint are out, which goes to show you don’t always have to have the perfect paint set up to work. It just needs to be functional.

Looking back 2019 was the year for my Byron Signature work doing small 8×10’s. Well, looking back I did 52 of them! I think only one from 2019 is still up for auction on eBay along with 4 new Byron works. You can see what’s available on my profile.

I thought you might enjoy seeing all 52 artworks in this 2019 year in review of these little gems.


Springtime eBay Oil Paintings

Well, Spring is definitely here in North East Texas. My allergies can attest to that. But, the season has also inspired three new springtime eBay oil paintings all based on actual locations.

This current auction will end Sunday April 7th starting at 6pm Pacific or 8pm Central Time. You can click the link below the painting to go directly to the auction. Starting bid is only $49. It’s a great price for an original painting on linen panel and the small size means they can just about fit anywhere and in any decor!

Now in Color

While riding as a passenger I saw a glimpse of a red bud tree in bloom.  There was no disappointment upon returning to further investigate the scene. Although the asphalt pavement was converted to a dirt road.







Spring Pasture

Thanks to zoom camera lenses I was able to capture this distant view of a graceful tree with new leaves. I found it to be a restful and relaxing scene.







Off the Beaten Path

Some of the county roads in this new wonderful area I get to explore are definitely rewarding with subject matter. This old barn was almost not even noticed as there was another larger barn closer in view. However, this one was already situated in a natural artistic composition.








I hope you enjoy these new Springtime eBay oil paintings. The painting “Off the Beaten Path” will soon be an oil painting tutorial here on the blog so you can see the order in which it was painted. Until then. Thanks!







Small Autumn Landscape Painting for eBay Auction

Autumn scenes are fun to paint and my latest small autumn landscape painting for my eBay auction was one of them. The auction ends Sunday December 15, 2013 6PM Pacific Time.

Autumn Hue 9x12 oil painting for eBay auction by William Hagerman copyright 2013

What’s fun about painting autumn scenes is the opportunity to strategically use pure color in the more intense areas especially in the tree which was the focus of this painting of a maple tree nestled at the bottom of a canyon wall.

It was inspired from a scene at Lost Maples State Park in Texas, although I used my artistic freedom to move some rocks around and put the tree in a better position, but there was a natural color harmony that I liked between the orange colored tree and the shadowed rocks which had a blueish color with hints of violet. It was a perfect colored background to set off the glow of these fall leaves.

I emulated the visual texture of the leaves by adding some impasto or thicker applications of paint to give them a slight relief giving them more dimension. It almost seems as though you could reach out and touch them!

This eBay painting is a full oil painting unlike my others whereby I start with acrylic and finish with oil. The reason is I had just completed another studio painting and still had paint on my palette, so instead of setting up another palette with acrylic color I decided to do the painting with the oil paints I already had on hand. Fortunately the other painting was also a fall scene and I was able to transition from one painting to another. I’ll share this new studio/gallery painting in an upcoming post.

For artists who are marketing their work, a consideration to keep in mind if your offering works on eBay is to keep your production costs down. Those on eBay are not there to pay full retail. I’m not there to pay full retail either. I’m looking for a good deal when I shop. Therefore on my eBay paintings I use cotton canvas that’s already stretched which I buy in bulk. However, the linen I use for my studio and gallery work is titanium oil primed canvas that’s hand applied that I purchase by the roll. I also have extra wide and heavier stretcher bars for these works. I then stretch the canvas myself or hire it out on occasion. So that right there makes the work more expensive even before I apply a single brush stroke to the canvas. Like any business keeping costs down while still retaining value must be considered as is the market you wish to reach.

Below is a side by side comparison of the backs of the canvas I use.

llinen and cotton canvas comparison

The canvas on the left is linen with some of the excess canvas stretched to the back. The canvas on the right is the cotton canvas I use for my eBay work. The texture of canvas also effects the visual appearance of the paintings. Here is a view of the texture of the canvases I use.

linen canvas texture

cotton canvas texture

The top image is the linen I use and in my opinion offers the ability to apply more detail as it’s more responsive to my brush work and I like the appearance of the weave. The cotton below that, is less responsive to my brush, thereby my technique is slightly more impressionistic for my eBay work but still retaining some degree of detail. I’m personally not as fond of cotton duck canvas due to it’s uniform texture. This is simply my personal taste and in some instances a more uniform texture may be favored. I did review some samples of heavier grades of cotton that is oil primed by the same company that I use for my linen. (AE Art Canvas) The canvas was quite nice in texture and appearance and is a premium product as well.

In times past I’ve shown some of my plein air work which is definitely impressionistic along with my more detailed work. Here are two examples.

oil study landscape near Cundiyo, NM by William Hagerman copyrighted

This scene was painted on location near Cundiyo, New Mexico and the oil sketch of blue silos painted below was near Fredericskburg, TX. I’ve kept these for myself and hang on my studio wall. They bring back to my mind two very pleasant painting experiences while enjoying the outdoors.

oil sketch of blue silos by William Hagerman copyrighted

When I’ve shown my impressionistic works such as these along with my studio or gallery work, some individuals favored these over the detailed work.The purpose of showing them here is to highlight that the work I do for eBay is somewhat of a cross between my impressionistic plein air work and my more detailed studio paintings. It’s just one more way to reach out to more people with my art who have varying tastes in style.

Artists are also individuals and they to may wish to express their talents by painting in other styles. Some even like to paint abstractly as a total break from their detailed work. I’ve been tempted to do that myself. If I ever do I’ll share those with you.

To view what paintings I have currently available you can visit my eBay profile page.


I20 Wildlife Preserve Paint the Playa Event

In dry West Texas you wouldn’t think it to be a likely location of a wildlife preserve, but a natural playa does exist right in the backyard of Midland, TX at the I20 Wildlife Preserve.

On November 2, 2013 the Preserve had their first annual “Paint the Playa” art show and benefit to support their programs. I donated the following small 9×12 painting for their silent auction. It’s painted with the same technique I use for my eBay auction pieces, using acrylic paint to begin and then finishing out with oils but with more detail than one of my plein air pieces or a study. It depicts a scene from the Preserve.

Morning on the Playa a painting by William Hagerman to benefit the I20 Wildlife Preserve

I’m happy to report that the painting was successfully auctioned off and the weather that day was beautiful!  You can learn more about the I20 Wildlife Preserve here.

If you’re wondering what a a “playa” is, its sometimes referred to as a “playa wetland” or “playa lake”. They are shallow, circular depressions across the Great Plains that are filled by rainwater and go through a number of wet-dry cycles throughout the year. The area serves as recharge points for groundwater as well as providing habitat for native and migratory wildlife, and native plants. Here are a few photos I took as I walked along the Preserves trails.

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



Small Landscape Painting for eBay Auction September 15 – 22, 2013

A Field of Red Flowers is my latest small landscape oil painting for my eBay auction running Sept. 15-22, 2013. The auction starts at 6 PM Pacific Time. To view the listing once it starts you can go here:

Hagerman Oil Painting_Field of Red Flowers_ copyright 2013

A friend of ours gave me a few photos from around the Fredericskburg, TX area a beautiful part of the Texas Hill Country. One of them caught my eye of a field of red Indian Fire Wheel or Galaridia’s and decided it would make a nice small landscape painting. However, the manner in which I painted the flowers gives me more of the idea of red poppies which I like. So, I’ll just let the viewer decide which flower they like best, thus the generic flower title of “A Field of Red.” I really liked the vibrancy and the color resonates with the surrounding greens which is the complimentary color of red. I haven’t had opportunity of late to experiment with such vibrant reds so it was a lot of fun.

As an update, I’ve painted a similar composition titled: “Scarlet Pasture,”  based on one of my own photos. However, the flowers were yellow. No problem. This painting will go up on my eBay auction starting Sept. 22, 2013 at 6 PM Pacific Time. The above painting has already generated several bids, so if you miss out, here’s another option. Plus whoever, wins, this would make a great companion piece!

William Hagerman small landscape oil painting titled: "Scarlet Pasture" featuring red poppies

Working with these vivid red colors makes me want to do a larger studio painting featuring these beautiful flowers! Perhaps I will since I’ll soon start on some studio works having had several canvases stretched for me. (I decided to delegate instead of doing it myself to give me a break!) One landscape painting planned will be of an old German farm house. Another painting will feature some old barns I saw out in California. I’ll post them as I get them done. I’ll try to share the stages of the paintings as I progress as well. So check back.

If you want to keep updated and haven’t done so yet, please sign up. I don’t share your email and I endeavor not to bother you with too many emails. If you wish to send a message you can send one via my contact page on my website. Click on Contact on the menu above.

An Experiment in Color

Lakeside Cabin 9x12 oil painting by William Hagerman for eBay auction

This new little 9×12 painting listed on my eBay auction ending September 8, 2013 was a fun little experiment. Not that the subject matter was unique as it’s a simple little scene of a lakeside cabin at night. What is different is the color scheme of which is not generally associated with a night scene. Nor is it one that I have ever used before.

The technique although not a new one, but one that I seldom employ in which an under-painting in orange tones was first applied. This underneath layer influences the upper layers. I primarily wanted the effect to appear in the sky. After the first layer was dry, I over-painted with a yellowish green of low intensity. It was brushed on in a somewhat translucent application. I did not want to obscure the tone underneath. The result is it created a great mood to the painting. I hope to explore this color scheme more in depth in the future and apply it to one of my gallery or studio paintings once I hit upon the right subject and composition.

Again, you can catch my eBay paintings at: will try to have some painting offered each week, depending on my schedule. If nothing is posted, check back.

Also I will be teaching a full day art class in oil painting in Lamesa, TX at the Ginger Lily at 316 N. Austin Ave. I’ll share that experience in my next post.

Small Paintings: Longhorns

Soon after making available my small 5×7 paintings at a very reasonable  price, I was contacted for a request to do two paintings of longhorn cows. I photographed these two Texas longhorns grazing among the bluebonnets along a country road several years ago. Although these two paintings could have been kept together as a set, it turns out one was to be a wedding anniversary gift and the other was for a friend of my client.

small longhorn painting by William Hagerman copyright 2013

small longhorn painting by William Hagerman copyright 2013

After receiving the paintings they had them framed and I was emailed a picture to see what they looked like. If I didn’t know better, they look like larger paintings! Thanks Richard and Marcella!

framed small longhorn paintings by William Hagerman copyright 2013

Small Landscape Paintings

Throughout art history, artists in addition to their main body of work, have completed smaller works, sketches, compositional studies etc and many of these are complete works of art in their own right.

With that in mind, I’ve started doing some small 5″x7″ landscape paintings in acrylic on Arches watercolor paper and have found them very enjoyable to do. They’re sort of like warm up exercises for my artistic mind. They get me thinking about design on a small format and if I like the design well enough some of these works may become the basis for larger studio paintings. Even though they’re more impressionistic than my normal style, I find I like the departure.

The first is a scene that I captured with my camera in what I like to call drive by shooting. This is generally when it’s not convenient or safe to pull over. Therefore, while my wife was driving I was scanning the roadside along a pretty stretch of highway and saw this scene and clicked my camera. The foreground was in light and the middle distance in shadow. I intensified the effect and added more color, but it captures my intent of focusing on the light in the foreground which to me is the subject of this small painting. It’s rather fun, doing these drive by camera shootings, because I never know exactly how it’s going to turn out or if it’s going to be one big blur! But so far, despite the blurriness of some photos, they turn out pretty good.

5x7 small landscape with oaktree in acrylic by William Hagerman

This is another camera “drive by shooting” of a scene in Arizona. Very dry and hot, but had it’s own beauty in creating a somewhat triadic color scheme of blue violet in the distance dull orange and red orange and yellow green in the foreground and middle distance.

Arizona landscape painting in acrylic by William Hagerman

The scene below is from an area near Fredericksburg, TX that I had visited on other occasions and provided source material for other paintings. This particular day had cows and this particular day, I didn’t feel like painting them. So by way of the brush I sent them off to another area to graze.

Spring Flowers landscape in acrylic on Arches watercolor paper by William Hagerman Artist. copyright 2013

Breaking out of the routine is a good way to spark your creativity.