I20 Wildlife Preserve Paint the Playa Event

In dry West Texas you wouldn’t think it to be a likely location of a wildlife preserve, but a natural playa does exist right in the backyard of Midland, TX at the I20 Wildlife Preserve.

On November 2, 2013 the Preserve had their first annual “Paint the Playa” art show and benefit to support their programs. I donated the following small 9×12 painting for their silent auction. It’s painted with the same technique I use for my eBay auction pieces, using acrylic paint to begin and then finishing out with oils but with more detail than one of my plein air pieces or a study. It depicts a scene from the Preserve.

Morning on the Playa a painting by William Hagerman to benefit the I20 Wildlife Preserve

I’m happy to report that the painting was successfully auctioned off and the weather that day was beautiful!  You can learn more about the I20 Wildlife Preserve here.

If you’re wondering what a a “playa” is, its sometimes referred to as a “playa wetland” or “playa lake”. They are shallow, circular depressions across the Great Plains that are filled by rainwater and go through a number of wet-dry cycles throughout the year. The area serves as recharge points for groundwater as well as providing habitat for native and migratory wildlife, and native plants. Here are a few photos I took as I walked along the Preserves trails.

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



2 thoughts on “I20 Wildlife Preserve Paint the Playa Event

  1. Bette Carole Koen

    I am the lucky person to have acquired
    your “Playa” painting in the silent auction
    at the Wildlife Preserve November 2. It is a lovely depiction of the area, and I will always treasure it ! Thank you for donating it to a good cause. My husband Bob and I enjoyed walking around the nature trails while we were there and will look forward to seeing improvements such as the butterfly garden as they are added. Perhaps you will also continue to paint the vistas out there.
    Thank you,
    Bette Carole Koen

    1. whartist Post author

      Congratulations Bette on acquiring the painting! I’m glad that the funds from the silent auction will go to help with improvements at the preserve and that you are now a part of the Hagerman Family of Art Collectors! I plan to go and visit the playa at different times through the year to see how it changes with the seasons. Perhaps another painting will be the result.


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