An Experiment in Color

Lakeside Cabin 9x12 oil painting by William Hagerman for eBay auction

This new little 9×12 painting listed on my eBay auction ending September 8, 2013 was a fun little experiment. Not that the subject matter was unique as it’s a simple little scene of a lakeside cabin at night. What is different is the color scheme of which is not generally associated with a night scene. Nor is it one that I have ever used before.

The technique although not a new one, but one that I seldom employ in which an under-painting in orange tones was first applied. This underneath layer influences the upper layers. I primarily wanted the effect to appear in the sky. After the first layer was dry, I over-painted with a yellowish green of low intensity. It was brushed on in a somewhat translucent application. I did not want to obscure the tone underneath. The result is it created a great mood to the painting. I hope to explore this color scheme more in depth in the future and apply it to one of my gallery or studio paintings once I hit upon the right subject and composition.

Again, you can catch my eBay paintings at: will try to have some painting offered each week, depending on my schedule. If nothing is posted, check back.

Also I will be teaching a full day art class in oil painting in Lamesa, TX at the Ginger Lily at 316 N. Austin Ave. I’ll share that experience in my next post.

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