Anniversary Gift Ideas and Special Occasions

Sometimes we need a little help with anniversary gift ideas and special occasions. True, there are certain traditions for some anniversary gifts, but where’s the surprise in that? As you walk through life, you will encounter milestones that you wish to remember. And for some of those times a keepsake, memento or special gift goes hand in hand to express love, thankfulness and appreciation. Perhaps all at the same time. Here are some examples that include my artwork!

Anniversary Gift Ideas and Special Occasions: Flowers (painted ones)

Figuring out what type of gift to give, can sometimes be a challenge. Flowers of course are popular, but sadly they don’t last very long. What about a painting of flowers? Those can last a lifetime and beyond! And they never wilt.

This topic of Anniversary gift ideas and special occasion came about  since this month included an anniversary for me! As a gift for my wife, I  painted some roses that were blooming from a couple of bushes in large planters that she recently purchased. Here’s the painting titled Rita’s Roses. 7″x5″

Still life oil painting roses, rose painting by William Byron Hagerman

So, do you have an anniversary or special occasion in which you need some flowers? How about some preserved in a painting!  You can commission me to paint a little gem of a painting! Then, perhaps add to the gift with a bouquet of the same flowers along with the painting!! Now there’s a nice presentation!

Sorry, I don’t provide the real flowers. You’ll need a florist for that. 🙂



Recently some dear friends of ours celebrated their 45th anniversary.

When someone has reached that milestone you can pretty much guarantee that bunches of family photos have been collected. Those memories captured in an old photo can’t help but make you feel a little nostalgic. How about capturing that nostalgia in some artwork?

Art Capturing Nostalgic Moments

The couple mentioned above with the 45th anniversary commissioned a couple of 9×12 pencil drawings from old photographs. Not always the easiest to work from, but it was still fun to do.

For the wife was a picture of her Dad back in the day at work next to his Texaco gasoline delivery truck!

pencil drawing of old Texaco delivery truck by William Hagerman artist

This certainly isn’t a landscape, so it was a departure in subject matter, but also medium. It’s been quite some time since having worked with graphite pencil.

For the husband, he wanted a picture of his wife from her childhood days. After seeing the drawing his wife commented that it captured the carefree relaxed feeling she had.

pencil drawing of a little girl standing by artist William Hagerman a commissioned artwork for a wedding anniversary gift So do you have a favorite old photo, or not so old one that you would like to have turned into a piece of artwork?

Then contact me and we can talk!

Yes, I’m known for my landscape paintings, but I can do other other types of subject matter and drop my brush and pick up a pencil. Here’s a little more on commissioned art work.

Doing pencil work reminded me of my high school days.

Here’s a nostalgic flash back in this 2016 post.

Pets and Colorful Critters

Speaking of doing other subject matter. What do you think about this guy? Colorful isn’t he!?

colorful rooster oil painting by William Byron Hagerman artist

This was another commissioned artwork from my sister-in-law. It was one of her roosters. She texted me several photos for reference and this was the result. Her text messaged response: “Omygoodness! That’s awesome!! Thank you!!!”

Sometimes, we want to capture a moment in time while we still can. This rooster I believe has been around for a long time. Don’t know how long they live, so this painting was about capturing a memory, before it actually becomes one! The painting size is 8″x10″.

So if you’re looking for an anniversary gift or special occasion why not try giving a lasting gift of artwork? Even if it’s just for yourself. That’s OK too.  Contact me today before you’re next anniversary or special day for a custom painting or drawing! Would love to collaborate with you.


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