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Just Off the Easel July 15, 2013

I’ve always enjoyed spring in the Texas Hill country. For many years I made regular trips traveling miles upon miles with my camera and paints to capture the beauty to be found along many county roads. Some not even paved!

This small painting is simply titled: Evening Bluebonnets, and was based on a photo I had taken from one of those trips to the Texas Hill  Country. It measures 11×14.

Evening Bluebonnets 11x14 oil painting by William Hagerman copyright 2013

The evening light was casting a soft glow and I loved the rocks and small stream. I did add more bluebonnets to the composition. If you would like to purchase any of my art, please feel free to contact me. You can also see what’s available here.

Just Off the Easel July 1, 2013

Ah, springtime in the Lonestar state of Texas featuring the state flower, the bluebonnet. This latest painting off the easel titled: Lonestar Spring is a 24×36 oil painting and is available at Griffith Fine Art in Salado, TX. (254) 947-3177 (note: this painting has sold)

Lonestar Spring 24x36 bluebonnet oil painting by William Hagerman copyright 2013

The Village of Salado if a great weekend getaway, with several bed and breakfasts and historic lodgings and is located off I35, between Waco and Austin, Texas.

As you stroll along Main Street in Salado you’ll see it’s a lively marketplace with something for everyone, whether your in the mood for fine art, antiques, pottery, collectibles, unique and handcrafted furniture, or gourmet foods to name a few. You can check out their events calendar to plan your trips.

Just Off the Easel June 7, 2013

What does this small 12×9 autumn landscape of a cypress tree along the Guadalupe River have in common with my favorite sandwich?

Guadalupe Cypress 12x9 oil by William Hagerman copyright 2013

Well, a really neat couple (Bart and Sharla) contacted me about doing a small oil painting for them and this was the result. However, while visiting with them I learned that Bart was the original owner of a restaurant in Midland, TX called Murray’s Deli and was the creator of the “Turkado” which is my favorite sandwich. It includes several layers of thinly sliced turkey with avocado, bacon, mayo and sprouts. It’s delish! If you’re ever in Midland, TX try it out for lunch. Then after having lunch walk just two doors down over to Folger Gallery to see what I have in the gallery! Located in the Imperial Shopping Center 3211 W. Wadley Ave in Midland, TX.

Just Off the Easel May 31, 2013

When I saw the scene for my latest painting titled: “A Cheerful Day in Gray” I knew it was going to be painted. The location was in Canada. Although it was early spring a cold snap hit and actually the "A Cheerful Day in Gray" 24x30 oil painting of a barn and silo by William Hagerman. Copyright May 2013day I photographed this it was lightly snowing. However, I decided to warm it up a bit by leaving out the snow and make the air a heavy moisture laden morning. Even though this painting is a study of grays, it’s not somber. I found it to be cheerful, what with the lush green grass. Something not seen in the currently very dry area of where I live. I did add the cow and free rangers to add life to the scene.


The sky shows a slight lightening, hinting at the promise of clearing skies and a beautiful day to come! The painting is available at Folger Gallery, Midland, TX (432) 697-3778 (this painting has sold)

An overview of different stages of this paintings development can be seen in the section: Art Tips: When the wrong end of the brush is right.

What other moods or feelings does this painting evoke in you? I’d love to hear your comments.

Just off the Easel April 25, 2013

My latest painting just off the easel is currently untitled with a generic name of “California”. The scene was near my wife’s brothers property in Gilroy. The dog and chickens were not there, but I 20x30 oil painting of a California landscape titled: The Beauty of Life and Peace by William Hagerman copyright 2013 all rights reservedthought they should be, although the man was actually there. I wonder if he was aware of the beauty that was around him with the evening sunlight on the humble dwelling and landscape. I imagine he was a worker hired to tend to the different crops. I recognized the corn stalks on the left, but for the flowering vegetation, I have no clue. I just painted it. I did see in other nearby areas fields with different colored flowers being cultivated. I guess this stretch of land was multipurpose.

Since I have yet to settle on a title, what do you think the title for this painting should be called? What mood do you feel when you see it? I would love to hear your ideas and comments!