Just Off the Easel June 7, 2013

What does this small 12×9 autumn landscape of a cypress tree along the Guadalupe River have in common with my favorite sandwich?

Guadalupe Cypress 12x9 oil by William Hagerman copyright 2013

Well, a really neat couple (Bart and Sharla) contacted me about doing a small oil painting for them and this was the result. However, while visiting with them I learned that Bart was the original owner of a restaurant in Midland, TX called Murray’s Deli and was the creator of the “Turkado” which is my favorite sandwich. It includes several layers of thinly sliced turkey with avocado, bacon, mayo and sprouts. It’s delish! If you’re ever in Midland, TX try it out for lunch. Then after having lunch walk just two doors down over to Folger Gallery to see what I have in the gallery! Located in the Imperial Shopping Center 3211 W. Wadley Ave in Midland, TX.

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