Just off the Easel April 25, 2013

My latest painting just off the easel is currently untitled with a generic name of “California”. The scene was near my wife’s brothers property in Gilroy. The dog and chickens were not there, but I 20x30 oil painting of a California landscape titled: The Beauty of Life and Peace by William Hagerman copyright 2013 all rights reservedthought they should be, although the man was actually there. I wonder if he was aware of the beauty that was around him with the evening sunlight on the humble dwelling and landscape. I imagine he was a worker hired to tend to the different crops. I recognized the corn stalks on the left, but for the flowering vegetation, I have no clue. I just painted it. I did see in other nearby areas fields with different colored flowers being cultivated. I guess this stretch of land was multipurpose.

Since I have yet to settle on a title, what do you think the title for this painting should be called? What mood do you feel when you see it? I would love to hear your ideas and comments!

9 thoughts on “Just off the Easel April 25, 2013

  1. Victoria MacFarlane

    If you keep selling them that fast, you’re doing something right even if it didn’t have a title. Good job on a wonderful piece of art. If the man in the painting had been in a hammock, it would have been “A Lazy Summer.” It looks like he’s on a mission though. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  2. elfie

    “harmony” in all aspect of the word, I mean everything in that canvas delivers . Like the notes in a beautiful song, all in that canvas …..belongs… Keep up the good work. hang her man!
    Love Elfie.

  3. Marcella Varela

    Hi Bill!

    Great to see your latest work. I love it! I always love all your paintings. I really like to see you include animals in your painting. When I look at this painting, I think: Life, Beauty and Peace for all.

  4. hugh campbell

    Hello William,
    It is so good to hear from you and what a marvelous painting. Love it! My pick would be something like: Summer Solitude or Summertime Solitude! It has such a peaceful setting.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. whartist Post author

      Nice to hear from you Hugh. The scene did have a peaceful feel to it. I appreciate your input!

  5. Darcie Peet

    I have to laugh reading your email-newsletter. I have said so many times to my husband and gallery directors that it takes longer to title a painting than paint it !! I do think titles are important and can be key in “connecting” with a potential client. I always have a thesaurus around. I also have a file simply named “titles” and keep ideas that I have used or considered in the past to inspire new titles. I also have pages of descriptive words related to mood, weather, color, motion, sound, etc. with just great adjectives that may spark a title. Whoever was the writer for ladies apparel catalog, “Coldwater Creek” used fabulous adjectives, so I saved a catalog, and underlined great adjectives. How many jillion paintings have you seen where the artist titled the piece “Afternoon Light?” When I look at your painting, the first thing that came to mind was “Meander a Quiet Country Road (or Lane).”
    Good Luck !!!!***** Darcie Peet

    1. whartist Post author

      Thanks so much Darcie for you comment. I think I’m also guilty of using that title “Afternoon Light!” I think that’s a great idea of keeping a file of ideas and adjectives. A thesaurus is also good and I do use it when I’m especially stumped.

  6. Jan Ross

    This painting reminds me of a July afternoon (at least as they were in Ohio, where I grew up). So, perhaps the title, “Summer Afternoon in Gilroy” might work…not too catchy, but it’s accurate!


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