How to Display Paintings Gallery Style

In the article: How to Collect Art, I introduced you to a collector named Janette who now shares some of her art work as it’s displayed in her home. Here we will see how to display paintings gallery style. I’ll make some comments on how you too can arrange your art collection based on the photos. Even when your have limited wall space you can still surround yourself with wonderful art. You can click on the images for a larger view.

In the image below we see how several works are arranged in the dining room. There’s a common theme with regards to color with red being dominant. You can see how other accessories such as the red flowers on the table compliment and visually ties in the art to its surroundings.

paintings in gallery style display

paintings in gallery style display

In the following we see several paintings displayed with three similar sized paintings and two smaller equal sized paintings above the organ. Works are unified with similar style frames. Again we have some notes (no pun intended) of red that are in the paintings and then repeated elsewhere such as in the candles.


Next we have similar sized works on each side of the beautiful cabinet display of dishes.


Here in the home office we see the continuation of the vintage Texas themed art works giving multiple windows to an otherwise windowless office space.


Here’s in this bedroom you see again how accessories help tie in the art  through similar color, plus the continuity of the theme of Texas vintage art is  seen. Also as I mentioned in my other post on collecting art, you don’t have to worry if you break the theme as is seen by the work in the hallway visible through the door opening. Well maybe it’s still by a Texas artist. Who cares right? You love it. Buy it. Again it’s enriching life through art and it should reflect your own tastes.


I so much appreciate Janette for sharing some of her collection and hope it gives you ideas how you too can start on the path of collecting and displaying it in your own home.

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  1. LNWeaver

    That makes sense to tie works together with a similar color in your furniture. Room design is all about controlling similarities after all. If you’re looking at more expensive art to match your home, it may be valuable to contact an art appraiser.


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