Colors of Spring Flowers

It’s always inspiring when the colors of spring flowers put on their display. In this post I wanted to simply share some recent photos that I have taken. You can click on the image for a larger view.


This was taken here in my hometown of Midland. The mesquite tree had yet to leaf out. I liked that there was also a sprinkling of purple flowers among the yellow which is the complimentary color of yellow.


These vivid red cactus blooms are in a corner of our backyard along with some weeds. But a few have some pretty colored flowers as well.


Here was a field of Indian Paint Brush near Poteet, TX. Some of the morning fog was lifting and produced a soft light.


Another vivid field of Indian Paint Brush with some distant bluebonnets. There’s also some Agave plants along the distant fence line. Notice the remnant of the large Agave bloom to the right of the oak tree up against the sky. Very much light a century plant. Amazing how tall they can shoot up. We had one like that in our backyard.


And what would a Texas spring be without bluebonnets!

And some more bluebonnets!


There are several species of bluebonnets. This particular variety doesn’t have the noticeable white caps on top of the flowers. Still very pretty though.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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