Small Landscape Paintings on eBay by William Hagerman

This is a brief post to inform you of a new and exciting opportunity to acquire one of my paintings in true auction style on eBay. There’s no buy now option or some hidden reserve bid. The auction starts at only $.01

That’s right only one cent!

This very first auction starts August 2, 2013 around 8 PM US central standard time and will run for 7 days.

In an effort to reach a wider audience I’ve completed four new 9×12 paintings on canvas. These paintings are different than my “gallery” works. These employ a technique where they are started in acrylic and finished with oil painted highlights and embellishments.

To find me on eBay you can go to:
Once the auction starts you should be able to see the listed works on this page. Alternatively you can search for Hagerman Landscape Oil Paintings on the eBay search engine.

Here’s a peek at one of the items up for auction titled: Joyous Autumn. Hope you win!

Painting by William Hagerman


One thought on “Small Landscape Paintings on eBay by William Hagerman

  1. Judy

    I have never bought a painting with any intention of selling it. I bought because i liked it. The price wasn’t the only factor in the purchase, but do I really need to it to fill that desire or want it for what it means to me. Maybe a memory of what I had seen or things that I want to see in real life and have not had a chance to. I know when I’m gone my family will sell or give away my art work it is just clutter to them and they have no idea of the time and thought of what goes into painting that work of art. But to all of you collectors I never get tired of looking at those paintings and Art is a history lesson of our past and most deficiently a part of our future.


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