Oil Painting Video Demo: Old Barns

In this post I wanted to share with you a short two-minute Oil Painting Video Demo: Old Barns.

Alla Prima or the Direct Method of Painting

In this tutorial, the subject of old tin barns, which were found in New Mexico made a nice subject for this painting demonstration. The direct method or alla prima approach was used in which the entire painting was completed in one session.

Oil Painting Tutorial; Old New Mexico Barns

Thanks for watching!


3 thoughts on “Oil Painting Video Demo: Old Barns

  1. Nisha

    Hello sir,
    This tutorial is very informative and helps to understand your techniques.

    Hope to see more such helpful videos in future

  2. Wendy Cuyler

    Hi Bill. I loved the tutorial! These are awesome and I thought helpful.
    I will check in more often, I definitely need refreshing and reminders!
    Hope all is well.



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