Oil Painting Demo of a Texas Landscape

Here in my second post of my oil painting demo of a Texas Landscape I pick up where I left off in step two.

Since the distant hills are an important secondary area of interest in this painting, I return to add more detail and interest to this area including a distant oak tree and placing of bluebonnets in the distant field. Due to atmospheric perspective all the colors in this area are kept cooler and grayer (less intense) compared to what will be used in the middle and foreground areas to come.

Texas bluebonnet oil painting demo

Feeling I had not yet achieved enough interest I then add another oak tree in the distance. I then move to the far left middle and added the next larger oak with cedar growing underneath and the beginnings of a mesquite tree in front. I like to use an old fan bristle brush that has jagged edges or a cheapo fan brush whereby the hairs break off quickly to mimic the look of the foliage on the mesquite. In spring time the mesquite trees can be an intense yellow green.

bluebonnet oil painting demo

Next in the 5th step I paint in the rock outcropping on the left. When painting rocks remember to think in artistic terms. Don’t think rock, think shapes that will have a top and side planes and they have different values. Light and shadow!

bluebonnet oil painting demo

In my next post I move on to the sky area. Actually I’ve already covered the whole canvas and have started blocking in the middle and foreground bluebonnets. I’ll get caught up on sharing all the steps, but I have a deadline to meet. Busy, busy! Thanks for following along.




4 thoughts on “Oil Painting Demo of a Texas Landscape

    1. William Post author

      Anita, thank you for commenting. Something I use to help facilitate the look and texture of a mesquite tree is to use a worn, jagged edged bristle fan brush such as the one shown here. Try practicing with one. Don’t dab the paint on, but give it a slight sweeping motion in various directions relating to the leaf growth of the mesquite.
      Worn Fan Brush

  1. Issam Ayache

    I have tremendously enjoyed the paintings and the instructions… I am now living in Beirut., Lebanon after having lived over twenty years in the hill country… and looking at these paintings bring joy, happiness and beautiful memories … Keep up the good work and I am looking to visiting your site more often.

    1. William Post author

      Thank you Dr. Ayache and that you enjoyed the paintings and instructions. I try to bring to my work those very emotions you mentioned when I paint the hill country or any scene for that matter. I’m glad I succeeded.


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