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An Old Stone Farmhouse with a Story

My latest off the easel studio painting for October 20, 2013

Old stone farmhouse with chickens and oil painting titled "An Open Door" by William Hagerman copyright 2013

An Open Door 14×28 Oil by William Hagerman copyright 2013

This charming old stone farmhouse was found somewhere in the Texas Hill Country between Llano and Frederiksberg, if I remember. Although it was uninhabited I changed that by providing chickens and the pot of Geraniums. It seems no matter how humble a life, we enjoy things of beauty around us. Plus the little bright spot of red retains our focus around the central part of the painting.

Additionally this painting provides an example of what I wrote in this post on the value of providing a story in a painting or what can be referred to as implied subject matter. This is illustrated by the open door in this painting.

When I saw this scene the door was actually open and I wondered why. I kept it open in the painting because a closed door seemed uninviting. More importantly it allows your own imagination to answer the question of why was the door open. Giving you an added experience in which you can take part. Perhaps someone just set the potted plant out and went back inside the house to retrieve something and was returning, or maybe they just forgot to shut it and no doubt will soon be chasing one of those chickens out of the house!  Yes it’s an old stone farmhouse with a story, but what possible story comes to your mind when you see the open door? Please share your thoughts.