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Small Landscape Paintings on eBay August 13, 2013

On my previous post I introduced one of four paintings that was included in my first ever eBay auction. This endeavor was somewhat of an experiment and I was pleasantly surprised to see all of my paintings receive bids and sell. These paintings are different than my regular gallery work and are intended for eBay auctions. Thus they’re in a class all of their own. Production time is a factor, so I’m working the under-painting in acrylic and over-painting with oils. They exhibit more impressionistic notes whereas my full oil paintings are more detailed. I will be trying out a portrait smooth canvas to see what results I can achieve and if it allows more detail without increasing paint time.

As of this date I have 3 works on eBay. Glad to say they all have bids and they’re generating interest. One of the current paintings is shown here. Also just off the easel is another painting for eBay that will be included in my next auction. You can always see what’s listed here: http://myworld.ebay.com/hagermanart

Among so many offerings on eBay, and when someone is scrolling through pages of art, bright color and contrast is a key factor in having art stand out, so I’m contemplating what subject matter will do well in this online environment. So far so good. Suggestions or opinions on comparison of my gallery work vs. my eBay offerings?

sunset acrylic and oil painting by William Hagerman

Landscape acrylic and oil painting by William Hagerman