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Impressionist Landscape Paintings for eBay Auction

Here are my latest impressionist landscape paintings for eBay auction from my alter ego “Byron” ending on September14, 2014 6PM Pacific Time.

These two landscapes features a field of flowers. One red and one purple.


I was thinking about the psychology of color. Red is a stimulant and can increase enthusiasm and seems to provide a sense of protection from fears and anxiety. The color purple is red tempered with blue. Psychologically it can uplift as well as be calming to the mind and nerves. In the garden red has an energetic effect while purple has a calming effect.

You can feel the energy of the scarlet red blooms and the tranquil effect of the purple verbena covering the ground. Either choice is a great way to enhance a room.

These two impressionist landscape paintings for eBay auction start at only a penny with no reserve. It’s a great way to start an art collection! I should clarify that even though bidding starts at a penny, this is NOT A PENNY AUCTION. In other words no one is required to pay a fee in order to bid. I simply do not put a reserve price on the painting. A penny was as low as I could set the starting price. In this way I let the individual bidders drive the price. So you can bid freely without being charged to bid. So for example, if you were the first bidder and you placed a bid of $10 and no one else bids, then you won the painting for that price. But if someone else comes along and places a higher bid and you still want it, then you have to out bid them. Here’s an interesting article on how bidding works on eBay and how to win.

Here’s my profile with the current listings.


The two paintings below successfully sold at my last eBay auction! Thank you to my wonderful collectors! The cactus flowers were photographed in my backyard. Those red flowers were so captivating, I knew they would be painted one day. The autumn painting is just one of the many views of the Guadalupe River in Texas which I’ve painted and photographed several times and from different spots, different angles and times of day all giving me a variety of moods to choose from. I especially liked the late afternoon light making the water shine!

I’m also happy to report that the previous set of paintings seen below all sold and one is on it’s way to Virginia. I’m very happy to have gained new collectors and followers on eBay and to have them among the Hagerman family of art collectors. They’re all a great group of people.

I hope you can become one of them as well. Be sure to check out my profile page which will give you access to my listings. Remember, all my auctions start at just a penny with no reserve!


These are so much fun to paint and working with vividly rich color!


Impressionist Landscape Oil Paintings

Hagerman Art would like to introduce to you the art work of Byron. Who is Byron? Well, it’s me. Byron is my alter ego and he paints impressionist landscape oil paintings.

I decided to add a totally different painting style in addition to my realistic work. However, I did not want to confuse anyone by signing my name William Hagerman on the works, because my name that is associated with my realistic landscape paintings is known for a particular style and technique. So my alter ego Byron was born.

Here’s a preview of several new paintings in my impressionist style.

Although Byron has been a part of me all along. You see Byron is my middle name. But, it didn’t get used very much except when I was young and my mother wanted to get my attention. Generally it went something like: “William Byron, get inside this house before I count to three. One… Two…

Anyway, I always liked my middle name so now I get to use it with my impressionist painting style. These impressionist landscape oil paintings are available directly from me via my eBay auctions, commissions, or I have some small 5×7 paintings on my primary website.

You can see what products I have in regards to my impressionist work here:

Also you can view my eBay listings for my impressionist works here:

These are also up for auction on eBay until Sunday August 17, 2014. Auction ending around 6 PM Pacific Time.

Would love to know what you think about the new style.