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The Fruits of One’s Labor

A wise king once said that “everyone should eat and drink and find enjoyment for all his hard work. It is the gift of God.” It goes hand in hand with the saying of enjoying the fruits of one’s labor.

I was able to experience that at the reception for my small works show at Folger Gallery. (see my previous post)

It was a pleasant intimate reception with several friends, family, collectors and others who enjoyed viewing my work. Several paintings sold at the reception and others afterwards.

I thank all those who attended and for Therese Folger Sitzman and those who assisted that evening in making the event a success. The gallery looked great!

Here’s one photo of three of my paintings displayed before guests started arriving showing one already sold indicated by the red dot next to the painting on top. One of my dear collectors was the first to arrive and purchased it and one other painting. A nice surprise upon my arrival to the show.

Folger Gallery showcasing work by William Hagerman

Three of twelve works by William Hagerman at Folger Gallery

Additionally, the refreshments and wine were just right for the evening as was the nice flower arrangement of orchids.

Thank you Therese for letting my wife and I take the flower arrangement afterwards. Here are a couple of photos after taking it home.

Flower arrangement

Orchid flower arrangement from Folger Gallery

Flower arrangement

Another view of the flower arrangement from Folger Gallery

Yes, it is nice to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.