Art Classes and Lessons in Greenville, TX and other North East Texas Communities

Monthly Oil Painting workshops at Hobby Lobby with William Hagerman

Covid-19 Pandemic: Due to the current situation all in person classes have been suspended until further notice. However, I am now offering classes using the Zoom conference app.  To join one of the Zoom art sessions please contact me as times may vary.  These class sessions  are 2 times per month and are 2 hrs in length. Fee is $80 for the two sessions. Additionally each class is recorded and you will receive a link to download a video of the class. Cost for Private Sessions are based on time and need of a particular student.

Please enjoy this video from one of the Zoom sessions on negative shape painting.

Additionally, you can click the button below to review information on my self paced video art class on painting a Texas bluebonnet landscape!

Hobby Lobby stores located in Greenville, Longview and Tyler, TX  provide the perfect location and atmosphere for taking art classes. These once a month all day workshop sessions conducted by William Hagerman will help you to achieve your artistic goals in the right ways. The class is flexible depending on the needs of each student with individual instruction and group lecture.

The classroom has ample room for approximately 7-10 students and the added convenience of available art supplies for purchase through Hobby Lobby. Learn to express your creativity in oil paint by contacting William and signing up today. (subject to available class openings)


Greenville, Longview, and Tyler, TX.


Mount Vernon, TX,  Winnsboro, TX and Midland, TX

Current Schedule: Times will be updated for each month.

Full Moon Rising an oil painting by William

Greenville, TX Hobby Lobby

  • Suspended until further notice

Longview, TX Hobby Lobby

  • Suspended until further notice

Tyler, TX Hobby Lobby 

  • Suspended until further notice

Mount Vernon, TX :  Gallery on Main 204 W. Main Street

  • Weekly classes Thursday evening 6pm – 8:30pm | $90 per month | Now taking names for classes. Starting soon.
  • Suspended until further notice

 Winnsboro, TX  Nothing scheduled at this time.

Midland, TX  Nothing scheduled at this time.

Here is a recommended art supply list.

Need More Info?

For additional information and to sign up for a class, please contact me and I will be glad to assist you.

Learning to oil paint may seem like a daunting task at first, however, with 39 years experience the art instruction William provides will make even the most apprehensive student feel confident! In the words of one of his students expressing appreciation it was said, “I think you are a great artist and instructor. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and your kind pleasant way of teaching.”

About the Art Workshop Classes

Whether weekly art classes or a once a month workshop, these classes are designed for adults and painters at all levels of experience. The classes are flexible allowing for each student to work on their own projects. Other times the class will focus on some particular aspect of painting while still giving time to work on your own individual paintings. William takes pride in offering great instructional support and encouragement for all his students. You will learn the following based on your painting projects and goals.

  • Color theory and how to analyze and mix color
  • Materials and how to use them
  • Tips and tricks for drawing as it relates to painting
  • Composition and Perspective
  • And more…

It may seem daunting to start painting, but a key to success in learning to paint, especially for a beginner, is not allowing oneself to feel overwhelmed. Learning to paint is a journey and there are many aspects to it and skills are developed over time. You’re not expected to remember every new topic that is introduced in any particular class session. If you were, then you might have reason to feel overwhelmed.

I began painting at the age of 12 in an all adult class. Did I feel overwhelmed? NO! I knew my teacher was skilled and if I made a mistake would show me how to correct something. In the end, I learned and so can you.


Enjoy this oil painting demo

Class Cancellation and Refunds

We all can expect the unexpected from inclement weather (icy roads, severe storms) to illness and other events that may prevent you from attending a scheduled class. However, due to the nature of the workshop there is a cancellation policy.Fall mountain landscape oil painting by William Hagerman

Please be mindful, that once you register, either by phone, email or web form (if available) you are committing yourself to attend. You may register up until the 72 hour cut off time. This shows good faith on your part that you have arranged your affairs to attend and allows me to know how many will be attending any given workshop. This is necessary so I can make all preparations for the class. Early registration is highly appreciated.

There is a $25 registration|cancellation fee to hold your spot in the class that will apply towards class tuition. You may also pay for the full class tuition if you prefer. Cancellations must be made before the 72 hour cut off before the scheduled class time for a refund. Last minute cancellations will not be refunded the $25 fee. If you paid the full tuition and you cancel after the cut off time you’ll receive a full refund minus the $25 fee.

Registered students will be sent a class reminder via email, text or both prior to the cut off time to confirm your attendance.

Emergency and other situations will be handled on a case by case basis. Please contact me to discuss and I will try to work with you. 

If the class has to be cancelled for other reasons your $25 can be refunded or applied as a credit towards a rescheduled class which will be made generally within the same month depending on classroom availability.

 I appreciate those who are respectful of my time and experience and I will do my best to make your time spent in class enjoyable and of benefit to your artistic endeavors.