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Art Work

Here you will find a selection of refreshing realistic art work for your home or office that is available for purchase and a selection of paintings in my portfolio that are all now in collections and private homes.

Available Portfolio

My Alter Ego

Impressionist landscape oil paintings by Byron. Who is this? It's me. Byron is my middle name and is the signature I use for my alter ego who paints colorful impressionist paintings. Two styles, two signatures, one artist! New work!

Impressionist Paintings

Realistic Landscape Paintings

Bluebonnet realistic landscape oil painting titled Spring Perfection by William Hagerman copyright 2013Welcome to the realistic oil paintings and artwork of William Hagerman that include realistic paintingsrealistic Texas landscape oil painting with lake by William Hagerman copyright 2015 of the American west, southwest landscape, Texas hill country, bluebonnet paintings and other beautiful views of the rural countryside.

You will find solace among the elegant oil paintings that highlight the majesty of the landscape captured in a moment of time and then translated to canvas by the artist's hand. As humans we are made up of the elements of the earth, and when we experience the scenic outdoors, we feel drawn to it, nurtured by it, and rejuvenated as we savor the beauty around us.

Being infused with such qualities is the essence of the art by William Hagerman.

Commission a Painting

If you haven't found that "special painting" commissioning an oil painting may be just the perfect option for you.

As one happy customer related: "Our painting captures the mood of the area and is so peaceful you can gaze at it for hours and feel refreshed - like a mini-vacation."

I invite you to learn more about this great opportunity.

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Learn How to Oil Paint

crank easelLearning how to oil paint, can raise many questions such as "where do I start or how do I mix colors?" It can seem like a daunting task for those just starting out and especially without any guidance.

However, William Hagerman offers such guidance through his art classes, demos and workshops.

Basic art instruction is provided here on this website.

With 33 years experience the art instruction William provides will make even the most apprehensive student feel confident!

Art Classes Learn to Oil Paint