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Commissioned Bluebonnet Painting

Since my last post I’ve been quite busy. First I was finishing up and shipping off my largest ever commissioned bluebonnet painting. The size was 36×42. I’ll write about what it took to ship the painting in another post. My new clients were transplanted Texans living in a new state and wanted something to remind them of home as well as compliment the decor of their newly remodeled living space.

The specifics for the job included the need for a subdued sky, a large oak tree, a view of distant hills, bluebonnets and Indian paint brush which was the key color in matching their decor. After doing a preliminary sketch and approved color study I began painting, Happy to say the clients were very well pleased and they sent me a photo of the painting hanging in their living area.

If you’ve wondered about commissioning a painting I invite you to contact me so we can discuss a customized painting just for you to enjoy in your living space!

You can click on the images for a larger view.

Bluebonnet and Indian paint brush oil painting

A 36×42 commissioned painting titled “Hill Country Flowers” by William Hagerman copyright 2014

My painting at its new home!

In other news my alter ego Byron has been at work on two larger paintings available at Folger Gallery in Midland, TX as well as new work for my eBay auction. You can view the new work here along with the new auction pieces or go directly to my eBay profile page to see what’s available.

Thanks for stopping by today!

William “Byron” Hagerman