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Please visit my user profile on eBay to see what new listings I may have and become a follower! Most auctions are no reserve and start at only a penny! Other paintings may be purchased on Etsy without having to go through the auction route.

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Selection of new 9x12 Byron paintings available direct.

Custom orders available.
The Byron painting below is 24x36 in size. $1990.00 Contact me if interested in purchasing. Painting is unframed. Click thumbnail for a full size view.
   impressionist landscape painting of a mountain valley in autumn by Byron copyright 2014  
All the Portfolio Ideas below are just some of the paintings that have sold on eBay.

Portfolio Ideas by Byron and Commissioned Art

impressionist landscape painting of purple flowers texas verbena by Byron copyright 2014 red flowers poppies oak tree impressionist painting by Byron copyright 2014
Redbud tree impressionist oil painting by Byron copyright 2014 Redbud tree impressionist oil painting by Byron copyright 2014 autumn colors along a steam impressionist oil painting by Byron copyright 2014

The above images are examples of sold work.
If you see something you would like for your home or office, you can request a painting based on these images any size up to 36x48. It would not be an exact copy but a variation on a theme.
I can also work from your own photos of a favorite scene. I work with you to get the painting just right for you!

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Current Price List for Commissioned Art by Byron

09x12    $399.00
11x14    $450.00
12x16    $495.00
14x18    $549.00
16x20    $669.00
18x24    $749.00
20x24    $949.00
  24x30    $1290.00
  24x36    $1990.00
  30x40    $2990.00
  36x48    $3990.00