About Impressionist Landscape Oil Painter Byron

Byron has been an artist for 36 years, but only recently began painting. How can that be? Byron is the alter ego of artist William Hagerman who is known for his realistic landscape oil paintings. It's also the artist's middle name.

"I've always liked my middle name,' says the artist, but the only time it ever got used was when my Mother was trying to get my attention. impressionist landscape oil painting by ByronGenerally it went something like; "William Byron, you better get inside this house before I count to three! One... Two...."

I decided to use Byron as my signature for my impressionist oil paintings that I've started to paint. I bring all my knowledge and experience as artist William Hagerman, but I wanted to distinguish this body of work from my other.

It's much like how a book author who becomes known for a particular writing style and genre uses an alias or pseudo name to write another type of book that falls out of the category for which he or she is known for.

Therefore it's two painting styles, two signatures, but one artist. You can learn more about William "Byron" Hagerman on his official Bio page.